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The 2nd Hi-Five Engagement Award Scheme organized by Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service jointly with the Education Bureau and the Education University of Hong Kong has been successfully concluded. The scheme aims at encouraging schools to cultivate a positive school culture that cherishes connection, thereby allowing students to build a sense of commitment and responsibility in the campus with sufficient care from the school. 

We feel honoured to have won the Innovation Award in 2019-2020, in addition to the Action Award won in the previous year in recognition of our creative and effective plan of building connections. We will keep working hard to design a variety of programmes for Ho Yu students to provide them with diverse learning opportunities. We will also actively build an inclusive culture that strengthens students’ mentality.














The National Essay Writing Competition has been very popular with more than 10 million secondary school participants nationwide every year. In the year before last, among nearly 60,000 student participants in Hong Kong, only a hundred of them were shortlisted to the next round of the competition. In the year 2019-2020, Yau Sze Ho from S2C, won the Silver Prize in the Junior Section in Hong Kong Region of the competition for his work “If I were a Fish”, being one of the top 30 junior secondary students who produced the best writing in Hong Kong.

Sze Ho, in his work, imagined that he became a fish who walked across the land in search for a way to survive, rebelling against its desperate predicament. Faced with its homeland being polluted by humans, the fish had no way to go. The fish thought of heading to the desolate desert as its final destination, eventually leading the fish to die in the sand. Sze Ho speaks to the readers as a fish, who was fooled by its fate despite its brave resistance, giving the readers great inspiration.

If I were a Fish” shows Sze Ho’s care for the underprivileged groups. Through his writing talent, we hope that Sze Ho keeps spreading his love in the world.


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嘉怡自中一起便參加了中英劇團的Muse up!音樂劇培訓。本來性格文靜的嘉怡,透過參與戲劇表演不斷突破自己。這次得獎鼓勵嘉怡繼續努力,以提升自己,向前邁進。



The goal of this scholarship is to encourage students who struggle with adversity to maintain positive values ​​and attitudes towards life. Three students in our school won the scholarship, namely Ho Ka Yi in S4C, Yu Wing Ki in S4C and Zhou Junhui in S4C. Congratulations to all of them for their efforts!

S4C Zhou Junhui

Junhui’s academic results were not good in S1. He was transferred to many different schools because of various family reasons, and had to face many obstacles during his learning process. However, he bravely sought the help of teachers and classmates around him, and never gave up. This scholarship serves as a great encouragement for his efforts and hard work. His dream is to study chemistry at university. You will make it Junhui! 

S4C Ho Ka Yi

Ka Yi has performed in different musicals over the past 4 years. She also participated in the Muse Up musical training at the Chung Ying Theatre Company. Her dream is to run a coffee shop with her friends in the future. She hopes that customers can enjoy delicious cakes while working or resting. For her, this award is less a reward for her excellent performance and more as encouragement to continue to work hard. 

S4C Yu Wing Ki

In addition to making friends at school, Wing Ki also participates in joint school activities to expand her social circle. She is a goal-oriented person. Her short-term goals are to achieve good results in DSE and successfully enter university. Her long-term goals are to establish her own company and to teach in a third world country. She believes that teachers can use their own lives to influence those of others and guide them to be kind. 


  可譽老師設計了名為「JOY 種生命」的生命教育課程,透過活潑生動而富於趣味的親身體驗:在「譽花園」裏親手翻土、下苗、澆水、施肥、收割,讓同學們感悟生命的意義。


      參加「JOY 種生命」的生命教育課程,同學們獲益良多,他們明白到生命是神奇而寶貴的,他們要好好珍惜。



  How can we teach children to "cherish life"? How to make children understand that ‘life is precious’? How to let children ‘cherish food’ from the heart? Traditional education can no longer satisfy children in today's society. Our school has designed a life education course named "JOY Planting Life" which lasted for three weeks. This was our lively and fun personal experience in the "Yu Garden": turn the soil, plant seedlings, water, fertilize, and harvest. As a result, students realized the meaning of life.

  Life education is like intensive cultivation in the heart of a child. There is no shortcut in the process. It requires patient irrigation to make the "seedlings" thrive.













Dressed in colourful, dazzling Zhuang costumes and carrying a jingling floral basket, a group of our primary school girls competed in The 56th Schools Dance Festival on 19th January, 2020. After ample training and practice, they performed brilliantly and made their parents proud. Honourably, the dance finally helped the team earn the Highly Commended Award.

During the competition, the whole team was calm enough to handle an unexpected accident. A P.5 member, Wong Tin Yuet, recalled, “When the music suddenly stopped, we were not nervous, but plucked up our courage to continue until the end of our dance. Finally, we were overjoyed with the result.”

Every member in the team gained an invaluable experience. They learnt that, only if everyone bears the same responsibility and works towards the same goal, their sweat is never shed in vain.







To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of The People’s Republic of China, New Territories School Heads Association organized a Chinese essay writing competition. We are pleased to announce that our P.6 student, Wang Yao, has won second place in the Primary Section.

Hong Kong is our beloved home. What can we symbolize it with? Wang Yao thought of ‘neon lights’ when she thought of Hong Kong. Neon lights are a shining example of Hong Kong’s heritage though it is gradually disappearing in the city. In her essay, she desired to place the neon lights onto China's Tiangong-2, a prototype of a space station, and take them back at the 80th Anniversary. This, she believed, should make the history more remarkable and meaningful.

As a Hongkonger, Wang Yao recognizes the importance of the cultural heritage and feels responsible for preserving it as far as she can. She hopes that by writing about the relationship between neon lights and Hong Kong, she can help raise people’s awareness and promote the need of preservation to the public.









As active learners, Ho Yu teachers grasp every opportunity to enrich their knowledge of different aspects. Led by the former principal Lee Suet Ying and Principal Leung Wai Fong, six teachers attended a study tour to Taiwan aiming to explore the mode of ‘Student Adaptive Learning’ and education development in Taiwan in November, 2019.

The concept of ‘adaptive instruction’ to cater to learners’ diversity and learning needs appealed to the teachers immensely. Learning about the concept of ‘Student Adaptive Learning’ which has been successfully adopted in Taiwan, teachers would examine the possibility and feasibility of its implementation at Ho Yu. 

Ho Yu has already met the most essential criteria for adopting the learning mode, such as shared resources, common periods, computer hardware and software, online platforms and data collection of students’ learning progress. With successful experience and positive feedback from teachers in Taiwan, Ho Yu teachers will continue to explore and develop a unique and effective learning approach which fits students’ needs and abilities.


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In October, 2019, our students joined a four-day study tour to Hangzhou, Shanghai. Organized by the District Office, the tour provided an opportunity for the participants to experience the unique culture of Hangzhou. Besides exploring some famous tourist attractions, our students also paid visits to different places. At the headquarter of an automobile company, they enriched their knowledge about distinctive heavy industries which they rarely come across in Hong Kong. Through visiting Huanmao iapm Mall and the venue of G20 Leaders Summit, students realized the fast globalisation of the world economy and were amazed by the achievements of the local community. 

During the trip, our students also got involved in class observation, sports competitions and mock graduation activities at various institutions including several high schools and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. After experiencing local students’ life, one of our S.4 students, Yu Wing Kei, showed appreciation towards the education system of Shanghai, particularly the Physics curriculum. While most Hong Kong students are active and communicative, she observed that the mainland students are highly attentive in class and they are under even greater exam pressure. 

Without a doubt, the tour enabled our students to widen their horizons and have a deeper understanding of the cultural and financial developments of Shanghai. It was such a rewarding trip which inspired students to equip themselves to prepare for the challenges ahead and contribute to a better Hong Kong in the near future. 


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