SRL English Programme

In recent years, more teachers have been looking at ways to change the traditional teaching approach where students receive knowledge passively. Our school is no exception to this trend. The aims of our SRL English Programme are to develop students’ interest in learning English and to help them learn some grammar rules and vocabulary. Before the lesson, students have to watch the programme and answer some questions related to the programme in the SRL worksheet. During the lesson, students have to work in groups and discuss the questions. Besides, this programme provides a platform for the non-Chinese speaking students to interact with the local students and integrate into the community.

SRL Episode 1

SRL Episode 2

SRL Episode 3 ~ Please click on the link below to watch the episode

SRL English Programme Ep.3

SRL Episode 4 ~

SRL Episode 5

SRL Episode 6 ~ Please click on the link below to watch the episode

SRL ep 6

Brian as charlie Brown
Catherine as Heather
CJ as the host
Joezen as Linus
Sammi as Lucy
Apple as a sales assistant


Jacey as Schroeder

Claudia as Patty
Sabrina as Violet


Michelle as Sally

SRL Episode 7

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SRL English Programme