My Role Model by Tanya Yuen (S2D)

Today I am here to tell you about my role model and the reasons why I chose this person as my role model.

My role model is not a famous person, nor a singer or an actress; my role model is my mother!

My mother is a generous person and will always extend a helping hand to others. She likes doing charity work and finds satisfaction in helping the elderly and children.

My mother is also an optimistic person. Whenever she has to face challenges, she is positive and never gives up. She looks at the bright side of things even in difficult situations.

She is from Thailand and has worked extremely hard to learn Cantonese Now she can speak fluent Cantonese! I am so proud of her.

My mother is very caring. Whenever my sister or I am sick, she’ll be there to nurse us and comfort us.

She always motivates and encourages us to work hard and never give up.

My mother is my hero!

My Role Model by Tanya Yuen (S2D)