English Week Photos

English Week at Ho Yu College and Primary School:


The main aim of English Week was to get students involved and engaged in language based task-oriented activities and also make English visible in our school.

The aim was to move English beyond the classroom to the school campus thus giving students an opportunity to truly explore English.

Why have language based games?

It is proven time and again that learning a language through activities not only boosts our confidence but also motivates and inspires us.

A variety of language based games were thought of. The games though challenging offered students a fun and relaxing atmosphere to indulge in language and not worry too much about making mistakes. Participants could throw balls, pop balloons and try their hands at creating some beautiful handicrafts among many other activities.

Our English Ambassadors played a major role in conducting all activities efficiently. Another aim was to make students feel at ease when communicating in English. They used English to ask for directions, to answer questions, to read and follow instructions.

As ours is a through train school, activities were designed for primary as well as secondary students. It was indeed a joy to see primary and secondary students mingle, communicate and accomplish goals.


We had a grand start to English Week with a high profile and glamorous inauguration in the morning assembly.


The Amazing Race brought in a lot of excitement, as it was a cross-curricular initiative while keeping English in the spotlight.

Drama Performance ~

Prizes ~

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English Week Photos