Ho Yu At the South China Morning Post!!!

Last month, the school was invited to take some of our learners to the headquarters of the South China Morning Post in Tai Po to spend a day with the team that put together ‘Young Post’, the section targeted at younger readers.


Four lucky learners were chosen to represent the school: Kevin Chan, Michelle Jiang and Irene Tai Lama (all from P6A) and Tracy Leung (P6C).


After a welcome speech by sub-editor Lucy Christie, the students were then introduced to the rest of the Young Post team: the editor, sub-editors, web sub-editor and reporters.


Next, a video demonstrated some newspaper terminology and treated the students to some tricks of the trade.


After lunch, the participants were taken on a tour of the newspaper. On their way to meet the Young Post illustrator, they got to see reporters busily preparing the next day’s copy of the South China Morning Post.


The last stop on the tour was to the basement, where the children learned the final step in the process of newspaper production: printing.


The Young Post team had one more activity lined up for our learners: a blind taste test. Everyone was given three different well known brands of a fizzy drink and asked to rate them in order of preference.


Our students were thrilled to take advantage of the exciting opportunity provided by their trip to the Young Post. After all, not everyone gets to see how a newspaper is produced. The students not only had lots of fun, but they have also been inspired to put pen to paper and write about their experience below.



Now I know how to make a newspaper! I had a lot of fun!


Irene Tai (P6A)



My Day at the Young Post


Last month, my classmates and I went to the South China Morning Post in Tai Po to see how they write and make the Young Post.

First, we went to the conference room where the sub-editor, Lucy Christie showed us what the Young Post team does. I learned that they do a lot! They have to find interesting stories, check facts on the internet and write it all down. And they have to do all this in ONE day.

After that, we went to the printing division and saw how they print the news. The printers start work at three o’clock. The reporters have to finish writing by five o’clock so that the printers can print it at seven o’clock.

After taking a group photo, we drove back to school.


I felt very lucky to visit the Young Post offices, because not many people get the chance. I hope I can go again.


Tracy Leung (P6C)





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Ho Yu At the South China Morning Post!!!