Students win the Merit Award at the ‘Stories on Stage’ Competition!

Our secondary students recently took part in the ‘Stories on Stage’ competition held by the NET Section, EDB.

We had a team of 9 students which consisted of 4 scriptwriters, 4 actors, and one creative director.  The scriptwriters collaborated to write a drama script based on a short story – No is Yes by Paul Jennings, and the actors enacted the adapted version on stage.

It was a great learning experience for the team and many congratulations to them on winning the Merit Award!



From left – Joezen and CJ, 3A
Jesus and CJ, 3A
From left – Sabrina (creative director), Joezen (played the lawyer and the medic), CJ (played Linda), Gilemmson (played Dr. Scrape) and Jesus (played Ralph)



Hazel, 5C Scriptwriter

Scriptwriting has been a wonderful experience for me as it taught me the beauty of writing scenes and creating unique characters. I hope to join activities like this in the future.

Calysta, 4B Scriptwriter

Being a scriptwriter is very challenging, as we need to collaborate and cross-reference with each other by putting out ideas and coming up with an effective storyline. Teamwork and communication is the key element and I’m glad that I have been able to beat through the challenge and learn something from it. Nevertheless, it’s been a great honour to be able to contribute to the competition.

CJ, 3A Actor

First of all, thank you, Mrs. Prakash, for inviting me to join the drama team, I had lots of fun practicing for the competition. I thought we could not perform on stage, but we actually did and I’m so happy about it!

Jesus, 3A Actor

I had a wonderful experience. I improved my speaking skills and learned to be confident. If given a chance,  I would totally join this competition again!

Students win the Merit Award at the ‘Stories on Stage’ Competition!