An Outdoor Activity (S3)

S3 – An Outdoor Activity

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Have you ever wondered how awesome it would be to be a bird for a day?

Last summer, I got the opportunity to feel like a bird when I went sky diving in New Zealand. I was on a holiday with my parents. Initially, we did not plan on sky diving, but after reading a poster we found out that it wasn’t very expensive after all.

I was extremely nervous and my heart was beating loudly as the day approached. We reached the venue and took a walk around the place. An instructor gave us some information about the activity and asked us to sign a form just in case anything might happen to me. This made me even more nervous!

We watched a video on skydiving, and the instructor explained all the dos and don’ts. Soon we got on the van and then a helicopter which took us to the sky diving site. The view from the helicopter was breathtaking.

Eventually we reached the right height for sky diving. I told the instructor that I would like to go first, and as I said that, I wondered what I was doing! But before I could say anything else or have second thoughts, the cabin door opened and the instructor started the countdown and we jumped!

I felt like a hawk when I expanded my arms. The world below me seemed so tiny. I experienced freedom like a bird. The view was amazing. After a while the parachute brought me down in a gentle manner like a feather. The world has become quiet.

Sky diving has been my favourite outdoor activity ever since.


(3C Prarom Thaksaphat, Alex)


S3 – An Outdoor Activity


Most people live in urban areas and seldom know the joys of living in the countryside.

Today I would like to talk to you about an outdoor activity that I thoroughly enjoyed. I am fortunate that I had the opportunity to visit Canada and spend time camping in the beautiful countryside.

Last year I went camping to Ontario, Canada. This was the first time I experienced sleeping in a tent. My family and I chose a flat ground near a stream as our camp site. The water was crystal clear and the sky was blue with marshmallow like clouds. Our tent was under a very large maple tree that provided shade for us. It was a picture perfect scene out of the books.

Setting up a camp fire wasn’t easy, even with the aid of a lighter. It took us nearly two hours, but we pulled it off. We played many games and engaged in various activities.

During nightfall, a bright white crescent moon rose from the woods accompanied by thousands of glittering stars. It was a breathtaking view. Although the sound of the country park at night was pretty scary, overall it was a great experience.

Interacting with nature was one of my best experiences, and I’d love to go camping again.


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An Outdoor Activity (S3)