Activities and Experiences

My experience as an EA during English Week ~

I felt honored to be a part of the very first English Week at my school. 

At first I thought it would be a disaster as it was the first year of English Week, but I’m I am glad it went smoothly and it was a huge success! I hope to be part of English Week in the coming years.

~Hazel Feliciano, S3A

I will conclude my experience as an EA for English Week in one word – splendid! 

I enjoyed working with other EAs and teachers at the booths.

~ Leo Young, S3A

I feel that English Week was a very meaningful activity for me, as it was the first time our school organised an event this massive, and I’m proud to be a part of the EA community that helped make the event successful!

~ David Yu, S3A

My experience was amazing because I could interact with people from different levels and also be able to work with my schoolmates.

~ Jamie Cheung, S4A

I helped at the game stalls and it was so much fun. I learned a lot of new words and was able to speak English a bit more fluently and with confidence.

~ Christy, S4A

I learnt how to be responsible and punctual. I was very happy at the game booths and I’m enjoying my role as an EA.

~Karen, S3A

I was in-charge of two stalls – ABC Dart and Word search. At first I was scared, but once I understood the rules, I started enjoying my role. You not only get entertained but also learn English. I felt very happy to play with students and also learn a lot of new words.

~ Johnny, S1C

I was on duty at the game stalls and I enjoyed teaching some facts using English. It was fun to see students rushing against time to finish tasks!

~ Sammi Lo, 1D

It was a fun experience for me. I felt happy teaching students how to play the language games and win stamps.

~ Catherine, S1D

I learned a lot and helped my fellow schoolmates learn English in a fun way!

~ CJ, S1D

My experience as an EA for Halloween Treasure Hunt ~

I was a participant but could see that the EAs put in a lot of hard work to run the Treasure Hunt activity during lunch.

~ Karen, S3A

I learned how to organise effectively and also learned a lot many new English words.

~ Christy, S4A

I was able to effectively communicate with my school mates.

~ Jamie, S4A

It was quite a treat to see students running around the school campus in search of clues and hints, It’s rare to see our students completely drawn into an activity and tryying their best.

David, S3A

There was so much of excitement. I could see students screaming and running around to achieve their targets.

~ Leo, S3A

Halloween Treasure Hunt was again a huge success. I saw so many students participate in this activity. I was very busy that day checking the attendance, but I got to witness the madness and excitement!

I am very happy that all the English teachers’ and English Ambassadors’ hard work paid off.

~ Hazel, S3A

I had a lot of fun handing out clues to my friends!

Catherine, S1D

I was on duty at the Ho Yu garden area, and gave students their next clue. It was funny seeing students trying to solve the maze.

~ Sammi, S1D

It was interesting to see students trying their best to finish the tasks with the help of their friends and sometimes asking the English Ambassadors for hints.


As an EA I feel happy when…..

…I’m able to interact with various students.

…I take part in various English language activities.

…I see students enjoying themselves in English activities.

…I get to see and talk to my fellow EAs.

…I meet different kinds of people.

…I can encourage students to speak in English. Also, I feel happy when they don’t know the meaning of words and I can tell them the meaning.

…I succeed in teaching students how to pronounce words correctly.

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Activities and Experiences