Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) at Ho Yu


Our school offers through-train mode of education, which allows primary students to fit into our Secondary One classes automatically. Similarly, our PTA, which is comprised of the parents of primary students and secondary students, provides a bridge between the School and parents - not only does it facilitate the two-way communication, but it also enables the parents to understand more how the School works and how the school life of their children is. In the meantime, the School is able to cooperate with the parents to comprehend the everyday life of the students. This home-school cooperation ensures close liaison between the School and parents. 

The 14th PTA Committee

  Parent Committee Members  Teacher Committee Members
Chairman Mr. Wong Wai Hung  
Vice-Chairman Ms. SeTo Wai Ling

Ms. Leung Wai Fong, Vice Principal

Secretary Ms. Lai Kwan Mang Ms. Fan Pui Wai
Treasurer Ms. Ho Shuk Man Mr. Ho Chun Yu
Activities Ms. Loo Po Chu

Mr. Mak Man Chiu,  Vice Principal

General Affairs Ms. Chang Yuet Mui

Mr. Chung Ka Chun

  Ms. Rao Cheng Cheng
Ms. Chau Wai Na
  Ms. OuYang NI Ms. Shek Wai Yan
Social Workers︰ Ms. Wong Suet Ying (Secondary School)  Ms Wong Yee Yan (Primary School)

Parent Managers

Mr. Shum Wai Hung

Mr. Wong Chun Sai





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