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Following the custom of celebrating babies’ survival in the first month of their life, P.1 Full Moon Celebration is held every year to celebrate our P.1 students’ first month of joyful school life at Ho Yu. Our celebration will go on despite the fact that this year is a special year. 

To celebrate our P.1 students turning 100 days old at Ho Yu, each of them will be presented a unique birthday card with the class teachers’ heartfelt messages written on it. Together with a lovely chocolate egg and a traditional red packet, we wish our students a healthy life with growing confidence in the future.


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全港小學生「我是KOL」 比賽網上頒獎典禮剪影



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Aiming to exercise the flexibility of learning modes and strengthen students’ speaking ability, ‘I’m a KOL’ competition provides a platform for primary school students in Hong Kong to produce educational videos in which students are permitted to select and use their own choice of materials and adopt their preferred ways of presentation. We are delighted to announce the achievements of our student, Zhou Chin Yu of P.6B, who performed outstandingly and showcased her talent in the competition. Being able to impress the judges, she has earned ‘the Best Potential Award’ and ‘the Most Favorite Award Online’. Congratulations to Chin Yu and we hope she can keep up her good work!



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The objectives of Hong Kong Green School Award Scheme are to encourage schools to formulate a school environmental policy and environmental management plan towards a green school; enhance environmental awareness, develop environmentally friendly attitude and promote green practices among school managers, teachers, non-teaching staff, students and their parents.

We have been devotedly making efforts in implementing measures aiming to build a greener campus, raise students’ awareness of environmental protection, and encourage them to think and act green in their daily living. Our students have started learning about nature, conservation and waste reduction since primary levels. We believe the emphasis on Information Technology in education can stimulate students’ research and study, enrich their knowledge in an eco-friendly energy generation and enhance their desire to seek for other effective ways of conserving the earth.  Having successfully put into practice our aims and beliefs, we are indeed overjoyed to receive recognition from the Environmental Campaign Committee, Environmental Protection Department and the Education Bureau and have been granted the Hong Kong Green School Award in both Secondary and Primary School Categories.

With collective efforts of everyone at Ho Yu, we help make changes in various aspects of our daily lives by nurturing a cleaner, greener and better lifestyle.


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