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小小鑑證專員 認真搜證解疑團

全港學生鑑證科學大賽 2021

Hong Kong Student Forensic Science Competition 2021: Junior investigators solve crimes by carefully searching for evidence

比賽結果 Competition Result

《中學組 Secondary Section》

 學校 School  偵破率# Completion Rate  成績 Result
 1. 東華三院馬振玉紀念中學 TWGHs C Y Ma Memorial College  95%  冠軍 Winner
 2. 保祿六世書院 Pope Paul VI College  90%  亞軍 1st Runner up
 3. 伯特利中學 Bethel High School  86%  季軍 2nd Runner up
《小學組 Primary Section》
 學校 School  偵破率# Completion Rate  成績 Result
 1. 優才(楊殷有娣)書院—小學部 G.T. (Ellen Yeung) College Primary Section  92%  冠軍 Winner
 2. 新界婦孺福利會梁省德學校 NTWJWAL Leung Sing Tak Primary School  85%  亞軍 1st Runner up
 3. 嗇色園主辦可立小學 Ho Lap Primary School (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen)  77%  季軍 2nd Runner up

# 「偵破率」為參賽組別在衣物纖維鑑定、指紋分析、鞋印鑑定、DNA 指紋分析、血型及血濺分析 (只限中學組)


# “Completion Rate” is the combined score on the team’s performance in Fibre Analysis, Fingerprint Analysis, Footprint Analysis, DNA Fingerprinting, Blood Typing & Spatter Analysis (Secondary only), as well as the reasonable deductions made based on the above experiments.


Event Highlights


DEAR – Kids Smarter!」嘉許禮

本校於76日的跨學科節,為小一級學生舉行了「DEAR – KIDS SMARTER」嘉許禮,藉以表揚孩子過去一年的努力,同時鼓勵他們學會感恩父母及師長的栽培。在嘉許禮中,校長(島主)孩子(小探險家)一起回顧在可譽島進行任務時所面對的挑戰,並反思自己的表現,讓他們明白學習及克盡己責的重要,裝備成為學習的主人。謹在此為「我們所珍視的孩子」(DEAR)送上誠摯的祝福,升上小二級後繼續努力,朝向碩果纍纍之日進發!


‘DEAR - Kids Smarter!’ commendation ceremony

The Primary 1 ‘DEAR - Kids Smarter!’ commendation ceremony was held on 6 July during the Cross-curricular Activity Period. Besides recognizing students’ continuous efforts last year, the ceremony aims to encourage them to learn to be grateful to their parents and teachers for their love and support.

At the ceremony, our principal (the island owner) reviewed the challenges of the missions on Ho Yu Island with the students (the little adventurers) who then reflected on their performance allowing them to understand the importance of learning discipline and responsibility in order to become self-reliant learners.

We sincerely hope that our ‘Dear’ children will keep up the hard work and pave the way to greater success.




S.6 Speech Day 2020-21

藝術才華展現  人文關懷盡顯



Showing Artistic talents and Humanistic Care:

Ho Yu Students’ Artworks Selected in the 6th Secondary School Distinguished Artwork Exhibition

The 6th Secondary School Distinguished Artwork Exhibition organized by the Cultural and Sports Committee of City University of Hong Kong (CityU) is dedicated to nurturing and developing the talents of students, so that the community has the opportunity to appreciate the artworks of young artists.

         The exhibition aims at cultivating students’ care for their surroundings and allows them to express their thoughts. A total of 93 secondary schools participated in the exhibition and more than 560 artworks were received. “The Soldier’s Mother” by Wong Tsz Yan, S6 student of our school, was successfully selected as one of the 66 paintings for the exhibition. Given the opportunity to participate in the exhibition, Tsz Yan showcases her artistic talent and her care for the people and things in the world.
20210706 SS DistinguishedArtwork 1
20210706 SS DistinguishedArtwork 2
20210706 SS DistinguishedArtwork 3
20210706 SS DistinguishedArtwork 4

化學習環境  成就綠色校園生活




Greening the Learning Environment to Achieve a Green Campus Life:

Ho Yu wins the 1st runner-up in “Greening School Project Award – Small Garden Plot (Secondary School)”

       The Leisure and Cultural Services Department organizes Greening School Subsidy Scheme for all secondary schools, primary schools, special schools and kindergartens in Hong Kong. It is hoped that schools will support greening environment, promote green culture to students and cultivate their interest in planting through various activities. Ho Yu has performed well in greening our campus and won the 1st runner-up in “Greening School Project Award – Small Garden Plot (Secondary School)”. With the delicate gardening of every flower and grass, we hope to create a better learning atmosphere for students through greening our campus.

逆境無懼  校園顯關愛


我校致力推動生命教育及價值教育,我們相信正向的人生態度能幫助學生面對不同的事情。在2020-2021 年度,我校參加了關愛校園獎勵計劃,我們的努力獲得肯定,獲得「推動生命教育」範疇的榮譽學校殊榮。我們會繼續積極培養學生的品德以及抗逆能力,讓學生學習正面解決生活中的難題。


A loving and caring school in braving adversity

Ho Yu granted Life Planning Active Promotion Award

Ho Yu has always been committed to promoting students’ development of life and value education. We believe by adapting positive values and attitudes towards life, students are able to face the challenges and difficulties of growing up. In 2020-2021, we are honoured to receive the Life Planning Active Promotion Award under the Caring School Award Scheme. We will continue to nurture students’ moral values and guide them to build resilience to cope with life’s adversities with an optimistic approach.






Dear parents and students,

We sincerely thank you for your enthusiastic support for the photo collection event of the World Voice Day 2021.

During the event, our school collected a large number of nice photos. However, due to plenty of excellent works, we are sorry that we cannot include all of them in our promotional video. The submitted photos have already been uploaded on the school website for everyone’s appreciation.

Last but not least, on behalf of the organizer, we would like to thank you again and sincerely ask for your continuous support and participation in our future activities. We wish you all the very best.

Yours faithfully,
Ho Yu College and Primary School (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen)




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